June 25, 2018

How to Enhance your Dog’s Intelligence

As a pet owner, you ought to understand the advantages of a full intellectual development of your dog. There are numerous ways through which you can channel the intelligence of your smart dog to be more useful in your household such as training or use of specialized toys. Most Smart Dog Lovers do not know about these toys especially designed for their pet’s stimulation and thus this guide will expound on more about such toys.

An extensive research has been conducted in the field of animal psychology and as a result, an array of dog toys have since been discovered to help your dog adapt to certain set conditions or programming that you would want them to. They are created to serve a particular purpose and they can aid in the fundamental development of your dog in a very interactive way and also make the bonding between you and your pet to get stronger.

Toys have always been used in an effective way to impart education for humans since the beginning of civilization and this technique has also been in use by our generation for a 360 degree mental and physical reinforcement of dogs. Dog toys not only makes the learning for dogs exciting but unforgettable as well. Also, animal experts claim that once an animal learns something through fun, he/she may never forget it for the rest of his/her life.

Training Toys

When you fully utilize these training toys for your dog, you can easily turn the exercising sessions for your pet into fun and games. These toys are usually way better than the food-only training toys that heavily contribute to the increase in weight of your dog in an unnatural way. There are numerous toys here such as Kong Company, Tug-N-Treats, Go Dog Go and more.

Dog Toy Puzzles

Just like we do, dogs love puzzles as well. Unlocking the puzzles and solving of various challenges. When the dog is able to unlock or solve various challenges, it becomes smarter and more intelligent. Kong Classic, A-Squirrel and Hide-and-Slide Puzzle are regarded as some of the best puzzle toys for a dog.

Active Toys

A highly active dog is usually less prone to diseases. Tug toys, fetch toys and chew toys are different types of toys that can immensely help your dog to remain healthy by offering different types of activity scopes.

Comfort toys

These toys help keep your dog cozy while they are asleep and especially after a hard day of practice. Floppet, flopper duck are some of the toys that enhance the comfort ability and relaxation of your dog which essentially helps them regain energy and keep healthy as well.

Every Smart Dog Lover today is looking to enhance their dog’s unique capabilities and therefore, buying the dog toys that you will easily find at online stores will not only contribute to your pet being fit and agile but will also discourage bad behavior and sharpen their wits. Also importantly, you should keep in mind that your dog will enjoy most when you get involved in a game thus you will need to be by their side for these toys to prove effective.

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